The enrollment process can take different routes. Go into the patient's profile and click anywhere on him/her to display all the options.

Note: An enrolled patient will display the date
in the 'CCM' field under his/her name

Enrolling the patient

There is no best way to do it, but keep in mind that how long it takes varies among each method. From quickest to slowest, you have three ways you can enroll a patient to CCM

• Manual enrollment: You need to select the ‘Enroll’ option under ‘CCM Care Planning’ of the Lifecycle Management. You will be forwarded to a Patient Consent Form so the patient can review it and sign it.

• G0506 enrollment: You will need to start the survey by clicking the notepad/pencil icon under ‘Care Planning & Assessment’. At the end of the assessment you will have the option to enroll the patient.

• AWV survey enrollment: After you have started the assessment by selecting the notepad/pencil icon under ’Annual Wellness Visit’, you’ll be able to set a date in the ‘Schedule Office Visit’ section of the survey for the patient to physically come to your office and enroll in CCM 

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