Whenever you need to search for patients you can easily access them by category and filter through them. A patient has to consent to be part of CCM in order to be considered enrolled.

There are a couple of ways you can identify if a patient is enrolled.

Look in the ‘CCM Enrolled category’

You can go to the ‘CCM Enrolled' category in the upper-left side of the dashboard. If the patient appears in this list, he/she is enrolled. 

Note: You can filter the list by typing three letters from
a patient’s name in the search field

Look in the ‘All Patients’ category

In this category, you will have a list of all the patients (enrolled or not in CCM). Once you are there you can use the search box to narrow the results. When you find your patient in the list you can identify if he/she is enrolled if there's a green check icon under ‘CCM Care Planning’ section.

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