Once you start a G0506 or a AWV survey for a patient, any progress is automatically saved as you complete the form. The G0506 and the AWV have a few states. We’ll take a quick look at both.


To determine if a patient has completed the survey, go to the ‘All Patients’ category and filter your search by typing his/her name. If you see a light green check under ‘Care Planning & Assessment’ it has been completed.

You can also filter all the patients that have completed the G0506 by clicking the 'CPI Finalized' toggle button.

Note: The 'CPI In Progress' toggle button will display
the ones that have not finished. The icon will be a clock


In the ‘All Patients’ category, under ‘Annual Wellness Visit’ in the Lifecycle Management, you can see each patient’s AWV survey state. A completed patient will have a green icon, an uncompleted patient will show a clock icon, and a dash means it has not been started. 

If you click on the 'AWV In Progress' the list will only show uncompleted patients. The 'AWV Prepared' will show the patients that have already completed the minimum amount of sections in the survey and are ready for processing by the doctor at the office visit (an orange exclamation mark will be displayed).

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